Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hi! Nice to meet you. (:

Hi. :] I`m Shannon , or the " Makeup fairy " . Making this blog grow is going to be really fun ! & I hope that i`ll get more followers than 0. :) Anyways.. I`m going to post my first example for one way to do amazing eyeshadow !

1.) First, add a light layer of black eyeliner.
(as you can see it is only a light layer around the corner of the eye!)

2.)Next, you would want to start to layer the black eyeshadow above the eyeliner.

3.)Next put white eyeliner around the tips of the eye.

4.) Next, you will put white just around the black, make sure you do not mix the black & white.

5.) Now we are going to move on to the blush!
You should have the white cheeks like above^
to make the full effect!
Stroke the blush on the sides of the medoll's face,
to make it look light , but very chic!

And all finished! :) If you'd like to add lipgloss from LUXE, it would probably complete the look!

Makeup used to create this Fresh Look:
-DOT black eyeliner
-DOT white eyeliner
-DOT White eyeshadow
-DOT Black eyeshadow
-DOT blush

if you have any questions comment please! :)

created by The Makeup Fairy(:

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